Onboarding is a costly process, so you want your new hires to be prepared and excited to stay. As your new employee will mostly be working with the people in your team, you want to make sure they connect well. Especially in their first weeks. Here’s how to make sure your new joiners and the team will kick off well:

#1 By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

A first day, week or month of your new hire is doomed to go wrong when you don’t prepare. It’s as simple as that. Good preparation doesn’t just include setting up an agenda, getting an email account ready and arranging that company pass. You also need to spend some time on preparing your team for the arrival of the new team member. For example: introduce the new hire, explain how you expect the new hire to fill a role and ask the team to save some time for training their new co-worker. This way, you’ll make sure the team knows what to expect, instead of leaving them in the dark.

#2 Crowdsource things to work on

When the new person is replacing someone else, it’s highly likely a handover has been done. However, they’re always more things to be done you might not even be aware of. Sit down with the team and ask around if they have any ideas on how to fill the role for the new hire, or if they need help with a project. Furthermore, a new team member comes with new (additional) skills and talents, and after adding these to the team it could make more sense to re-divide tasks a bit.

#3 Buddy up

Nobody likes to be the new kid. By pairing up your new hire with a team member, or by letting them shadow one, they won’t feel alone and will have someone turn to when needed. At the same time, your new hire will get the right practical training, next to your carefully composed onboarding program. Win, win! Be sure to involve your team member before onboarding the new hire, as they need the time to prepare as well. Otherwise they might be cut up in difficult calls and meetings.

#4 Schedule and include in meetings

Participating in team or project meetings may ask a bit much from your recent joiners, but that doesn’t mean they should be excluded. Let him or her join to get an understanding of how your team, and other LOB’s, run project as well as the type of people your new hire will be working with. Emphasize that they are welcome to contribute and provide a new perspective on things, even though there new to the company.

#5 Have fun

Having planned a fun activity is a great way to make the new employee feel welcome, and to bond with your team. Try to organise a team lunch, stop an hour early to have some drinks, or host your monthly team brainstorm out of the office once. Instead of trying to fit all paperwork and necessary training into their first week, try to have fun and keep things relaxed and motivating.


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