This past week, CircuIT has proved that in-office targets are not the only thing we can hit! Last Wednesday, the team joined Flagstaff Gardens to participate in the inaugural match of the dodgeball season, where we “dodged, ducked, dipped, dived, and dodged” our way (to victory we may add!). Consecutively every Wednesday for the upcoming Summer / Autumn season, the CircuIT team will be participating in dodgeball matches against other corporates around the CBD.
Dodgeball is not the first sport we’ve integrated into the workplace. This past winter and spring, CircuIT discovered Active Melbourne City Spots (AMCS), a company in the city geared toward involving “inner city workers”, such as ourselves, in a range of sport and physical activity programs. This allows us to shake off work, compete against other company teams throughout the city, and gives the opportunity for our busy staff to make time for some physical activity.

Aside from dodgeball, CircuIT has also participated in soccer, where we played constructively as a team, and made it to the Grand Final, but lost against a far superior team! Sports in the workplace prove to be effective in bringing the company team together, and although winning games and trophies are an exciting aspect, they do not sit as our top priority. Having a positive and energetic atmosphere in the office is imperative, so promoting physical activity in the workplace is beneficial as it enhances team spirit, resulting in higher productivity and a stress-free environment. It also allows the team to work in a collaborative manner, strengthening communication and interpersonal relationships.

As a team, both in the workplace and on the dodgeball court, we depend on each other, so finding new ways to improve our team attitude is fundamental. At the end of the day, our goal is to encourage each other, get energised, and strengthen CircuIT’s culture and spirit!


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