Meet Robyn, Circuit's Business Manager!

Today in our "Meet the Team" series we have Robyn in the spotlight! Robyn has experience across a multitude of technical verticals, campaigns and clients but it's her genuine warmth, passion for the industry, and her compassion and drive to help her clients succeed that's aided in her success to date. She is a true asset to the Circuit team!

Tell us about your role at Circuit?

My role within Circuit covers a host of areas, on the client side, my role is to help to develop recruitment strategies, grow their technical teams with the right people and even jump on site with them to gain a deep understanding of their business and needs as it’s a lot more beneficial (and fun!) than meeting a handful of the team via zooms or meetings.

From an internal standpoint, I wear a lot of hats (cringe phrase, I know). From internal onboarding, training and development, organising some pretty awesome events (if I do say so myself) to lots of little things to keep things running smoothly and ensuring our consultants, candidates and clients are happy.  

What 3 things do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love the relationships I’ve built in the industry, and I enjoy watching people grow through their careers. Since I’m not heavily working across the candidate side now, I still love to catch up for an occasional coffee, whiskey, or a walk around the river with people I’ve worked with and hear about their life, goals and have a good chat.

Secondly, I enjoy being surrounded by such a talented team of genuine people. We’re all from very different backgrounds but I’ve never been part of a team that gels so effortlessly and enjoys spending time together, both inside and outside of work.

Finally, I really enjoy meeting new people within the industry. I’ve met some incredibly talented and interesting people who have come from all over the world. I’ve learnt so much about the industry (and life) from many very kind and passionate people.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Circuit?

All of the above, and mostly, the team and the pups that run around and create chaos in the office. The genuine support, banter, and love that we all have for each other is very special, and nothing I’ve experienced in a workplace before.

Tell us about your proudest professional achievement?

Other than smashing the team at go-karting (won 3/3 races, they didn’t stand a chance). What stands out to me is how we’ve grown the team over the past 18 months. Seeing first hand how passionate and dedicated each person is, is what makes me really proud.

What advice would you give to people looking for a new role?

Make sure that you treat each person along the way with respect and transparency. Understand what you want before accepting interviews and always show up prepared. If the role isn’t for you, be open and honest. Remember that the people interviewing you are human too!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

If you’ve already seen my beautiful pup splashed all over my socials, you’ll know that I love a night in with him watching Louis Theroux, often with him in one arm and a glass of bubbles in the other (highly recommend!).

Other than that, my life revolves heavily around catching up with my beautiful friends, facetiming my crazy Scottish niece and nephews or having a few beers and having painfully (for them) long chats with my amazing parents who are also on the other side of the world.

Which of the Circuit values resonates most with you and why? What are the values that drive you?

Community – and for me this has a few meanings, from the special community we have within the team at Circuit, to our giving back initiatives and to connecting with and learning from the tech community. There’s so much that we can learn from each other, and there is always more we can do!


Testimonials – What do people say about Robyn?

"Robyn is extremely professional, knowledgeable and proficient in her role. At the same time she is a warm, friendly and vibrant person to deal with who shows sincerity and authenticity making it a pleasure to work with her. I'm grateful for Robyn's help and would strongly recommend her for any future engagements or roles" - Adam Tandowski
"When Robyn and I worked together I found her to be extremely personable, sincere and most unusually – easy going yet ultra-focused. That last quality is especially rare! As a recruiter Robyn is sensitive, empathetic, hands-on but not controlling, transparent and highly communicative. Also, Robyn has a positive, cheerful energy that always helps put things into perspective! In short, Robyn is a good human being and a very effective recruiter" - Zubin Pratab

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