Senior Consultant, Shaun, defines his purpose and what recruitment means to him. 
You know when you’re in an open discussion, everyone is in full flow, ideas are being shared and you just know sure as eggs is eggs, the topic of conversation is going to come round and stare you down bigger than the beady eye of Sauron?
I’m normally OK with being put on the spot but on this occasion, the discussion really left me drawing blanks.
The question: What is your purpose?

As someone in the team eloquently unpacked theirs, I could see the discussion leader (Dan, Thanks Dan) queuing this little bad boy up for me; I was next and I knew it.

Seriously, what is my purpose?!
I’m not a “make the world a better place” kinda guy. Sure, I’d love to but it’s unspecific, undeliverable and just feels like a bit of a cop-out to me; I knew it’d be work-related but I just couldn’t put my finger on it there and then.
Dan wasn’t fast enough off the mark, so I quickly snuck in the question to him, “Hey Dan, what’s your purpose?” which bought me some time, and by “some time”, I mean eight weeks.
But I’ve defined my purpose now and here it is:
To make recruitment a bit less shit for everyone.
Realistic, achievable and somewhat measurable through qualitative research.

There’s mine, what’s yours?


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