We’re looking into the top 6 Information Technology jobs that top the pay grade! These jobs will get you on your way to affording that (insert luxury material item) you’ve always wanted. 

Seek Australia announced their list of the top 20 jobs that pay the big bucks! And guess what? IT jobs made up 6 of the top 20 places! 

Want to know what tech job will get you earning top dollar? We’ve got the answer. 

We know cash is no longer king, there’s a whole lot more to employee satisfaction. Studies show once a person makes around $75,000 a year, income no longer has an effect on happiness.

Although, a job’s starting salary still acts as a very attractive asset luring someone into a new role. Or to entice someone to make a certain career decision. A job title can also determine how much you're entitled to ask for.

With technology rewriting how we live our lives, its no surprise there’s an increase in the value of these jobs. If one of these jobs is your bread and butter you're in luck and looking at a very lucrative career. 

What IT job will see you buying that Tesla you’ve always wanted the fastest? We’ve got the answer.

The results are in: 
1. Java Algorithmic Trading Developer

Salary: $175,000

2. Head of Project Management Office

Salary: $173,636

3. Security Solutions Architect

Salary: $166,000

4. Technology Director

Salary: $165,000

5. Head of Software Development

Salary: $164,166

6. Enterprise Sales Manager

Salary: $163,928

IT jobs made up 3 spots in the top 20 salary gains in Australia over the 2018-2019 financial year. With roles in Engineering & Software seeing a 26% salary increase. 

The global growth of the IT Industry. 

As the automation and integration of technology increases in our day to day lives, we can only expect to see the IT industry continue to boom. As more traditional industries become increasingly redundant. 

And the growth isn’t said to stop! The global IT industry is said to be worth $5 trillion this year. With an expected growth of 4%. 

What does the IT shortage mean for you? 

The digital age has seen the reverberation in the need for IT professionals. The shortage results in people with the required skill set being able to cash in. The skill shortage isn't set to increase anytime soon either. Enrollments in the study of the relevant fields remained stagnant, even following strong promotion over the last ten years. 

So it's a great time to start studying or seek a career change! 

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