The $22 billion solar farm backed by Atlassian Founder Mike Cannon-Brookes is about to get even larger. David Griffin, chief executive of Sun Cable, said the company will reveal a "significantly bigger" solar farm next month than the presently planned.  


The original plans for this ambitious project were revealed by Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes in late 2019 when he announced that he was personally investing in Sun Cable. The vision of this project is to build the world's first intercontinental power grid, connecting Australia to Singapore to supply 24/7 renewable power.  


The ambitious proposal is to first supply Darwin with power via a 750-kilometre transmission link from a solar farm by 2026, followed by three gigawatts of readily dispatchable power to meet as much as 15 per cent of Singapore's electricity needs via a 3750-kilometre underwater cable by 2028.  


With plans to build in the Northern Territory, the solar farm is expected to span 15,000 hectares and once complete, the Sun Cable project will be the largest solar farm in the world. 


Cannon-Brookes has noted that while the project sounds "completely batshit insane", it just makes good business sense with Australia receiving an estimated average of 58 million petajoules of solar radiation annually, and our proximity to Asia, a region without the space or resources to build its own large-scale renewable projects.  


The project and its expansion are exciting news for the Australian renewable industry and mark a growth period. Sun Cable is already looking at multiple other gigawatts projects with the falling cost of solar cells and Australia's abundant resources.  


While the news on the climate front is often grim, bold advances by Australian technology leaders into renewables and other technologies that can replace greenhouse gas emissions provide reasons for optimism. 


We're excited to see more renewable projects backed by big tech further fuel Australia's renewable industry.  

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