Ask any HR professional about the most significant challenge they have faced over recent years, and chances are recruiting tech talent will be high on the list. 

But where are all the technology candidates? Border closures, lockdowns, and an increase in digitisation have all impacted Australia’s tech talent supply and demand.  

Fortunately, the tech talent pool is wider than you may think, and there are steps you can take to overcome the tech skills shortage now.  

We’ve been working with our clients on a few ways that businesses can address the skills shortage. Here are a few of our top strategies;  

Shift focus to hire transferable skills 

Employers can do themselves a disservice when they obsess about hiring their perfect unicorn candidate. With hard skills being in such short supply, businesses should redefine their definition of “qualified”.   

Building teams who are united by their sense of purpose, enthusiasm, and potential to succeed can provide enormous benefits to your company. Shift focus on looking for transferable skills and looking beyond candidates’ credentials, focusing on motivation, determination, and an eagerness to learn. 

Through diversifying the skills you most value over the years of experience demonstrated could open you up to connect with better fits for improved engagement and retention.  

Upskill current employees 

Hire for potential and train for growth. 

Growing your own talent is an excellent way to fill particular job roles and meet company-specific skills needs. In addition, through developing internal mobility and learning and development strategies, businesses can progress their current employees.  

Not only is this a great way to build internal capabilities and fill skill gaps, but by investing in your people and supporting their career development, you’re likely to increase loyalty and retention. 

Employee loyalty and retention 

It’s a competitive employment market, and in-demand candidates are looking for more than just a paycheck. Many candidates are looking for a strong culture fit, a place to connect with and belong. 

Consider your culture and benefits; How do your current employees feel about working for you? How do your employment benefits stack up against your competitors? Consider a quick ‘temperature check’ of current employee sentiment and make sure you’re an irresistible workplace worthy of sticking around for. 

There’s no silver bullet fix for the tech talent shortage. But starting with the strategies above will help give you a competitive edge.  

If you’re looking for more hands-on help for finding the right tech talent, our team can help you find the right talent and support you with creative, innovative ways to have secure recruitment success and start filling the tech skills gap.  


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