We all have times when we're focused at work. We’re in a flow. When we can focus, we're more productive and efficient, which helps us make progress on the things that matter. Sometimes this involves speedily completing tasks to a high level of quality. At other times this means attending to the needs of someone we are working with - giving them our focus in order to deliver high quality service.

The most important thing that underlies our focus is that it is an ability we can develop. Although focus will emerge periodically throughout our day, it is high performers and exceptional service providers who are able to deliberately focus their attention on what matters – being fully present when liaising with our clients and candidates – through every interaction. That means, avoiding distractions that arise in front of us or the impulses to open another tab on the computer or perform a redundant miscellaneous activity. It means noticing if we're procrastinating, and bringing our attention and focus back to where we need for it to be. Training our attention so that we can achieve greater focus and the many benefits including greater productivity is an important investment of time and effort.

Mindful at CircuIT
Management at CircuIT Recruitment has recognised this is an important investment for staff, and has provided the team with regular mindfulness-based training, practice, and encouragement to develop this precious resource – attention over the past year, all with the help of Dr Adrian Medhurst.

Dr Adrian Medhurst is an expert in performance psychology and wellbeing science who has brought mindfulness-based development practices to CircuIT. Over the past 6 months the team has realised the benefits of training attention for their professional work and client service, but has also noticed how training their attention has spread to other areas of their life. They are more mindful of their values, motivations, and actions - inside and outside of work. They are conscious to move and exercise, and to maintain a healthy diet and good sleeping patterns. Overall, the benefits are clear at work, but extend to create high performance and a sense of wellbeing across all life domains. The team estimates that this is not only saving them hours each week in increased productivity and efficiency, but generating greater value for their clients - a key metric of success in this recruitment business.

NB: If you are interested in bringing mindfulness based training into your organisation, or would like to know more, you can check out Adrian’s website http://www.dradrianmedhurst.com/, or contact Adrian on +61 402 031 845 / adrian@dradrianmedhurst.com

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