As another work year concludes,  make your business go out with a bang, not a crash, with the help of a Freelancer. 

A lot is going on this time of year- there is a reason it is called the silly season! It's a great time to enjoy the festivities and celebrate the end of another work year. 

However, it’s not always the greatest time of year for your business. With more social commitments, family members and boozy long lunches than you can count, there’s no wonder our productivity (and our waistlines) suffer. As December comes and goes, January is just an extension of the festive month.

The holiday period results in a loss of productivity and higher absenteeism.

Annual leave

As an employer, you want to encourage your employees to take leave. Studies have shown, ‘27 per cent of those surveyed who don't take breaks reported being satisfied at work, compared with 71 per cent of the sample who take regular holidays.’ 

Although time off is crucial to employee efficiency and happiness in the long term, in the short term, it’s hard to manage. Especially when lots of employees are escaping to a beach, at the same time! You’re left with a skeleton staff to pick up the pieces. 

The results can be detrimental to your business and the wellbeing of the remaining staff in the office. 

Lower productivity

With the focus on the upcoming Christmas break and the ongoing social activities in the lead up to Christmas, there’s no wonder its easy for employees to fall behind. 

With more time away from the desk, it’s hard for employees to stay on top of their workload. Leading to employees being unable to catch up when the soothing monotony of the normal workweek returns. 

Increased workload 

As work compiles over the Christmas break, it’s easy for employees to feel the pressure as they try and juggle the social elements of the end of the year and the resulting, compounding workload. 

Due to the increased number of people Out-Of-Office, it is no wonder those left in the office feel the escalating burden of all the subsequent handovers! As employees rush to tie up loose ends before the break, it's difficult for the remaining employees to manage their workloads and also pick up the pieces of those absent. 

Upon the return of those employees who have taken leave, it’s overwhelming to see a three-digit number blinking on the corner of their email inbox. 


As the break or lack thereof approaches there is added pressure on employees to meet deadlines, get their work finished and participate in the office festivities. Leading to overdrive and burnout, just in time for the Christmas period. 

This year the World Health Organisation recognised Burnout as an “occupational phenomenon” caused by “chronic stress in the workplace.” 

The unfortunate thing about burnout, it takes time to recover. So when the break finally comes it is difficult to enjoy with family and friends when you're suffering from burnout.  

Circuit Freelance_

To combat the absence of bodies in seats, you could consider making short term hires. When employees are absent, there’s no denying the remaining employees bear the burden of an increased workload.  

You could use the assistance of a freelancer to make up the shortcomings of absenteeism, loss of productivity and bridging annual leave.   

We consider 'freelance work' to include any job between one day to six weeks, with no fixed end date. 

When you hire a freelancer from Circuit Freelance_, you only pay for the specific work carried out by the candidate. Whether they work 8 or 44 hours that week, that’s all we'll invoice you for. This allows you to adapt your hiring based on the actual workload. 

We cover the vetting, quality control, and all the unglamorous in-between bits to ensure your freelancers are primed and ready to rock'n'roll. All that’s left is for you to assign the work to Circuit Freelance_ and enjoy the festive period. 

Make your Christmas break an enjoyable time for your employees. Maintain the hard-earned standards of your business. Combat absenteeism. Keep the holiday period Merry, with Circuit Freelance_. 


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