LinkedIn offers a world of opportunities for job seekers, allowing you opportunities to easily source and directly target those hard-to-reach hiring managers.

LinkedIn offers a world of opportunities for job seekers, allowing them the opportunity to source and directly target those hard-to-reach hiring managers.

So, how do you maximise LinkedIn for job seeking?

Start by reviewing your profile. Make sure to:
  • Fill out all of the sections, don’t forget to include volunteer work, certifications, projects and awards. You can even upload documents and samples of your work
  • Update your picture! Ensure it’s not fuzzy, professional and doesn’t show off your furry friend(s) or kids
  • Replace your header with something customised to add personality and enhance your brand
  • Compose a headline that stands out from the crowd, try adding keywords that will help direct LinkedIn’s algorithms to your profile such as your key technical skills
  • Give, ask and post recommendations to showcase your credibility

Research your target companies
Make a list of the companies you would love to work for and then research them. Start off by:
  • Reading articles, news reports and check over their posts – jot down some points of interest to use when you contact the hiring managers
  • Follow the company on LinkedIn and engage with their posts
  • Identify the company’s specific challenges and corporate culture - write down how you can address their pain points
Use the search feature on LinkedIn to find 10-20 people at each company you are interested in, someone who can refer you to your target role. Look for someone who might be the hiring manager or a peer if you were hired and then reach out to them and initiate a conversation!
Use this conversation to learn about the company’s biggest challenges, current initiatives and goals. Show your interest and mention any interesting talking points you sourced through your research and ask for an opportunity to discuss upcoming roles.

Follow up

Circle back and follow up. It’s important that once you make a new connection you don’t neglect it once you get an interview or otherwise. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a fantastic place to grow your network for your long-term goals.
It’s critical to be professional, honest and open with new connections – keep building your network and express your gratitude for any referrals or assistance you receive.

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