Finding a job can be stressful. It might take a lot of effort to find an interesting role to apply for or, on the other hand, you get overwhelmed by all the potential job opportunities on offer at any one given time. And when you finally get invited for an interview you find out that it’s not just one talk, but two, three or even four rounds of gruelling job interviews. 

Doing this on your own can, for some, can be a daunting task. Working with a recruiter to help manage your job search offers benefits in any job market. Are you curious for how recruitment agencies work? And how they can help you? Continue reading and find out:

#1 You get free resume tips

As recruiters trawl through hundreds of resumes on a day to day basis, they can separate the good from the bad. They know what looks good and what doesn’t, what to say and what not to say. Recruiters are able to give you some very useful tips, especially if you are new to being ‘on the market’.

#2 You have your very own promoter 
In presenting your resume to a potential company, the recruiter promotes your strengths and assets to the employer. The recruiter will also help the person meeting you to connect the dots between your work experience and the job opening.

#3 You will be part of a smaller pool of candidates

If you match the qualifications of a job the recruiter is working on, you are automatically in a smaller pool of candidates, therefore raising your chances of being the chosen one, as opposed to being 1 of 200 resumes.

#4 Interview preparation

It is a recruiter’s job to know the inside scoop about any company they may put you forward to, as well as the expected skills and the intangibles that the hiring manager desires in a candidate.
As your recruiter has probably worked with the hiring manager and the company in the past, they are also likely to know specific questions and/or topics your interviewers will ask once you speak with them, therefore better preparing you than if you were to go at it alone! Likewise, a recruiter will know what is important to a client, and as such, can also provide a win-win situation in helping you prepare information to further speed the process in question.

#5 There are no costs to you
Despite what some people may think, there are no costs to the job seeker whatsoever. A recruiter doesn’t charge you anything. Win, win! Let the recruiter do the hard work, with respect to yourself.

Happy hunting!

If you are in the IT industry, and are currently looking to make your next career move, take a look at our job board, send us an email or even give us a call… you will be warmly received!

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