Mid Year Career Slump? We hear you. Making the decision to leave your current job can be a tricky decision. Following the beginning of the new Financial Year we're looking at why it might just be the perfect time to jump outside of your career comfort zone and take the plunge to achieve your career goals! 
The 1st of July 2019 marks the official beginning of the 2020 financial year. Whilst a career change is no longer uncommon, with young Australian workers having an estimated six careers throughout their lifetime.
However common it is, taking the plunge and looking for a new job is still an intimidating feat! 
Leaving the comfort and security of your current role isn’t always a straight forward decision. But how do you determine whether the highs and lows of your current position call for you to take the leap into a new position?
The grass isn’t always greener on the other side! Its a tricky tradeoff but there could be a much more lush paddock just across the way. We’re going to help breakdown the decision to jump outside of your career comfort zone.  
Why you need a career change?
1. Job fatigue 
Feeling that impending Sunday night dread every night? If the dreaded doom of going to work is happening every day it might be a clue something is seriously amiss. The average person spends 1/3 of their life at work, over 90,000 hours! What better a reason to make your time count? 
Monday-itis, is common but if you’re experiencing everyday-itis something could be very wrong. Your feelings towards your day to day work should not be ignored. If you feel seriously unhappy in your job it’s doing you more harm than you may realise.
Fair work Australia refers to work fatigue as a “mental and/or physical exhaustion that reduces your ability to perform your work safely and effectively.” Work fatigue can affect your overall health and wellbeing.
If you are suffering from intense unhappiness and or fatigue now is the perfect time to do something about it.
Many studies have found a strong correlation between job satisfaction and health.
Not only is hating your job unhealthy for your mental health as one would assume- it can reduce the status of your physical health. Including lowering your immune system.
With stress being a common condition that can escalate more sinister side effects for our bodies. Including increasing the likelihood of developing some forms of cancer, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.
2. Lack of professional challenges 
Destined for greater things? One of the top factors contributing to job satisfaction is whether a role provides the opportunity to utilise skills and abilities. A lack of professional challenges and a path to achieve your work aspirations could be the exact reason you need to uproot your current job.
Can’t see a clear path to what you want to achieve in your career? Reaching for your goals shouldn’t be a distant dream. You should be able to see the steps ahead of you and be on the path to achieving them. Leaving your current position could be the answer. It might be the perfect time to rewrite your career path.
Let recruiters know what it is that you want to achieve and the shortcomings of your current position. Employers want someone with aspirations and goals and the ambition to progress from their current position.
Remember, the best time to look for a job is when you’re currently employed. It shows employers an eagerness to better oneself and aspirations to achieve greater success.
3.    Poor staff morale
Morale is very important in your job. Leading to retention, job satisfaction and career progression. Feeling part of a supportive work environment is hugely impactful in your daily to work life.
We spend a hefty proportion of our lives approximately 13 years and two months at work it’s extremely important that we are happy in our day to day roles. A workplace needs to be supportive and foster workplace relationships
If you don’t feel valued and supported in your role it may be time to walk. If you feel that work is a negative or unpleasant environment it might be making your work difficult and in addition affecting your own morale. 
Your core values should be supported and encouraged in your workplace. If there is a conflict between your values and those of your workplace it’s a sign that it really isn’t the place for you in the long run.
4. You want greater responsibility. 
Increase your earning power. If you want more responsibility now is the time! Not only is it attractive for potential employees that you want more power its the perfect time to start the search when you are currently employed. If there’s no room for verticle movement in your current role you might need to look elsewhere.
A 2019 Workplace Satisfaction Survey found that 43% of employees looking for a new job were doing so because they were not satisfied with their career path. 
Increased responsibility also calls for an increase in remuneration. If you want to increase your earning potential take the leap to increase your responsibility.  
5.  Lack of flexibility
If you’re finding your career is riding shotgun in the journey of your life, things might have taken a turn for the worse. You need to be able to switch off and escape the desk in order to recharge, and return to work in a productive and healthy headspace. 
Studies have shown a correlation between the hours spent at work and the hours spent thinking about work outside the workplace. A good work-life balance is having “harmony between different aspects of your life.” 
Research has shown that workplace stress increases the likelihood of depression. 
A healthy work-life balance is crucial for overall health and productivity. If your workplace isn’t fostering a healthy relationship between work commitments and personal commitments it may be time to seek a more supportive environment. 
6. Career Stagnation
Stagnation is common with  64% of adults reported having limited opportunities in their current role. 
Showing initiative and actively seeking an increase in responsibility is critical to take control over your career progression. Returning to school or training may beat the career plateau and may increase your earning potential! 
If a promotion isn’t in your line of reach or you are continually not considered for an increase in responsibility it could be the time to go elsewhere. If you haven’t expressed you're direct desire to increase your responsibility to your manager then you could be to blame. 
But if such opportunities are not available or not on offer to you it could be a serious problem for your overall professional development. 
Mid Year Career Crisis 
Your 2019 new years resolutions may be slipping away, however, it's not too late to throw the towel in for your career. 
Make FY2020 the year you seize your potential and really make the leap into the career you really deserve. Its time to make a change and here is why now is a perfect time. “Marc Cenedella, CEO of careers site Ladders, said that 2019 has brought the strongest hiring economy in history.”

Is FY2020 the year you take the career plunge?


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