If you have spent any time on LinkedIn, then the chances are high you have come across someone talking about microlearning. Having become somewhat of a buzzword, there are many different opinions about how useful it can be to a business.  
What exactly is microlearning? 

Microlearning, as the name implies, involves consuming educational material in short, digestible doses. With content being delivered in minutes, not hours. It has been positioned as the solution for the never-ending training days dreaded by employees, with studies showing that microlearning effectively increases employee productivity and feelings of confidence.  

DuoLingo is an excellent example of microlearning. By breaking their learning process down into modules that only take minutes to complete and giving learners feedback immediately, users of the app can make effective progress learning something complex.  

Microlearning is the antithesis to information overload and disengagement.  

The Benefits of Using Microlearning in Your Business  

While technology may connect us, new emails, instant message popups, meeting notifications, and video conference calls can act as distractions throughout the workday.  

This distraction and reflex to bounce between notifications during our day can make it difficult to find uninterrupted time to focus on learning and development.  

Much like Twitter gives us bite-sized bits of news and concise headlines, microlearning offers businesses a way to make learning more digestible. Microlearning has been shown to positively benefit businesses in a number of critical ways;  

Employee Buy-In 

The first, and most crucial benefit of microlearning, is the employee buy-in! Removing obstacles and making the upskilling process as friction-free as possible increases employee engagement with training.


Online platforms and ever-increasing remote access in workplaces means microlearning is available to your team anywhere, at any time. Thus, removing any obstacles for your team to engage with learning.  

Knowledge Retention

Human beings are notoriously resistant to new ideas, and bringing skills into long-term memory takes time. However, with a steady, small dose approach to learning, you will give your team more time to ruminate on what they are learning and commit it to memory. 

Cost Savings 

Finally, with an ever-increasing number of microlearning solutions available to businesses, microlearning has become cost-effective and easily accessible compared with traditional training and education methods. 

When considering the loss of employee time and the cost of courses for traditional training, microlearning solutions have a low financial impact.  

While microlearning has many benefits, it isn't a magical fix and can take time to implement effectively. However, an easy place to start is looking at the available microlearning platforms and implementing small bite-sized segments into your current learning and development strategies.  

If you are looking to start implementing microlearning for your team here are a few resources to start:  


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