Today in our “Meet the Team” series we have our Founder & Director, Dinh in the spotlight!

Dinh started Circuit with the intention of merging his passions in life; people, technology and innovation. He has harnessed his strong intuition and belief in the power of human connection to create the Circuit we know and love today.

Dinh’s genuine warmth, openness and passion for what he does, allows him to make a real impact in the industry.

Check out the below to get a deeper insight into Dinh and what makes him tick!


Tell us about your role at Circuit? 


In my role, I have the privilege of working alongside an amazing team, with the primary aim of assisting our valued clients in thriving and flourishing in a digital world, by unlocking premium tech talent.  My current focus is largely geared around strategy, growth and developing / ensuring best practice. And making sure we’re ready—and one step ahead—when it comes to meeting the needs of this exciting, fast-paced tech recruitment industry. 


What 3 things do you enjoy most about what you do?  


- Making a genuine, positive difference in / to the tech recruitment industry 

- Helping companies and candidates find their perfect match – and discovering breakthrough moments together

- Facilitating organisations and individuals in reaching their full potential, and restoring the faith in why & how recruitment agencies should operate in the tech ecosystem.


What do you enjoy the most about working at Circuit? 


We’re fortunate to have a great work culture – but we’ve also worked bloody hard to make that happen. I’m honoured to work with such an engaged, positive and resilient team who never shy away from a challenge – and genuinely care about our respective client and candidate communities.


Tell us about your proudest professional achievement?  

It’s hard to choose, but in essence, every day, I’m proud knowing we help develop people’s careers, see them thrive in jobs they love, and realise their professional and personal aspirations. 

I’m also proud of our advancement at Circuit, and as a recent case in point – the hiring of our new GM (Ed Fletcher), who has been inspirational. We’re currently going through an exciting scaling stage (commercially and internally) and I’m grateful to everyone in the team for their dedicated work in helping us grow - together


What advice would you give to people looking for a new role? 

Be clear about the values you’re seeking in an organisation. Communicate honestly with recruiters re what’s particularly important to you when it comes to your next role. Your skills may be a match with many jobs, but finding where you’ll work best, requires deeper expertise. 


What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 


I have two beautiful kids, who are my primary focus outside of work... but when I do find time: I spend it following the mighty Saints & Spurs, playing recreational sport, jumping into pools (story for another time!), and enjoying good food and wine – away from the pool of course! 


Which of the Circuit values resonates most with you and why? What are the values that drive you? 


Fostering a sense of community within Circuit is super important to me, as it’s often my team who motivate me. Having an internal work family who are as motivated as you are to reach common goals, is incredibly powerful. 

I’m also driven by innovation. It’s what drives the tech industry, and I’m galvanized to ensure Australia’s tech firms can maximise their full potential with the best national talent.

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