The importance of company branding, EVPs & publishing your company benefits. 

A few months ago, I attended the Melbourne recruitment meetup at the EasyGo gaming office where I had the pleasure of listening to a few keynote speeches to do with “How to reward top talent in 2022”. There were a few great takeaways from the night but one stood out to me more than the rest, and that takeaway was to do with attracting top talent using a strategy that's easier to implement than you’d think…

I’m excited to be able to share this insight with you but in order to do so, I’d like to start off by painting a picture for you: 

You’re a candidate who’s freshly on the market and you’re beginning to apply for a few roles, you also have a few connections reach out to you, and before you know it you’re chatting to five different agency recruiters and four more internal ones, as well as trying to keep track of what you want to apply for on SEEK.

What's your first instinctual act to filter through your opportunities and figure out which ones are worth applying for?

If you answered “check out all of the potential employer's websites and socials” then you and I are on the same page about this. In fact, this is one of the first things I did when I decided to apply for a role at Circuit Recruitment. I quickly scanned the website, LinkedIn and Instagram to get a vibe for the company and the potential benefits I’d be privy to, should I come on board with the Circuit team. 

Despite the fact that we all know that candidates are canvassing our websites and career pages, I was surprised to learn from one of the keynote speakers at the meetup that a staggering amount of companies that are actively hiring do not have a benefits page… *cue*

As a recruiter from an agency background, I know first-hand that it’s much harder to discuss the clients that don't have career pages and well-thought-out EVPs. Publishing your benefits on a simple webpage is a super easy and simple way to show the candidate that you care bout providing them with the best experience possible and that you’re a real competitor on the market. It really won't be as time-consuming as you might think, a simple morning meeting with the team to ensure that the list of the current benefits is up to date and on-brand and then a quick addition to the website is all it really takes… for something that really makes all the difference. 

“But we are still a new company, our benefits aren’t well-formed yet?” I hear you ask. Well, there is still stuff you can do to show the candidates that you're worth applying for/working with. Instead of publishing a webpage with the benefits outlined, you can publish a roadmap for the company's growth and outline the benefits that you’re hoping to implement over time. Sometimes it’s not about the benefits themselves, it’s about showing the candidate that you have a rewards-based culture and they will be recognised and compensated well for the work they do with your organisation. 

Based on the candidates I’ve spoken to most of them just want to know that the company they’re working for cares about providing a good employee experience and that the organization has thought about the kind of presence they want to portray in the market.

So, I’ll leave you with this… no matter how small your benefits list is, no matter how busy you are right now, no matter how small and insignificant your company benefits might seem, go put them on your website, and you'll thank me later!

P.S. I’d highly recommend coming along to the next Melbourne recruitment meetup as well, hopefully, I’ll see you there:

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