If you’re in the tech industry, then you have most likely heard about GitHub, a hosting service for Git that also has a web-based graphical interface.

Below we will discuss why having a GitHub account and actively using it, is crucial for not only new developers starting in the industry, but for all developers.

GitHub is a service that includes access controls as well as a number of collaboration features like tools for basic task management and for all projects you handle. It hosts your source code projects in a variety of different programming languages and keeps track of the various changes made to every iteration. A tool which allows developers to keep track of the constant revisions to their code.

This is a place where like-minded individuals can come together and collaborate together and review, improve and share ideas and upload as a code.
So, what are the main benefits of using GitHub?
Easier way to contribute to open-source projects
Almost all open-source projects use GitHub. The service is free of charge if your project is open source, and it includes services like Wiki and issues tracker to get more in-depth documentation and receive feedback about your project which is crucial to ensuring your projects are successful.
If you want to contribute to this, it’s as easy as “forking a project”, make the change and then send them a ‘pull’ request using the GitHub web interface.
Showcasing your work
For someone starting out in the tech industry or even for an experienced developer looking for a new role, having a GitHub account is the best way to attract recruiters and proving to companies how you do your work. Recruiters, even companies will look at your GitHub to help get an understanding of how you can best showcase your work. So rather than just explaining yourself, you can actually show the work you have done and let your work showcase itself.

If you have a profile and actively use it, you will have a much higher chance of landing an interview, or better yet, offered a job, even if you don’t have a whole lot of experience. You are still able to showcase the work you do and your understanding of code and how you apply it.

Having GitHub is crucial, especially if you’re starting out in the industry or trying to prove yourself. GitHub is open for everyone and anyone to view it, so it also gives your project the exposure which in turn, helps build your network within the industry.
With so many other programming languages to learn for setting up projects, it’s very beneficial to have your content inputted in a format without having to learn yet another system. Markdown allows you to use simple text editor to write formatted documents.
Tracking changes within your code
The great thing about GitHub is that you’re able to track when and who has made a change within the code. Sometimes when working within a team, it can be hard to keep track of who changed what, when, and where those files are stored. Here is where GitHub takes care of this problem. It’s similar to Microsoft Word or Google Drive, you can have something similar to a history of your code so that your previous version or anything you add it or take out, are not lost with every iteration.
Another benefit of GitHub is that it can integrate with many different platforms like Amazon and Google cloud, services like Code Climate to be able to track your feedback and can highlight and errors in the code in over 200 different programming languages.
As you can see, there are many benefits to having GitHub. Whether you’re just starting within the industry or you’re an experienced developer, having a space where you can showcase your work and to allow others to comment and share their thoughts, puts you ahead of the game in your career.

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