It was only a short time ago that a copious amount of people lost their jobs or were put on furlough. Fast forward 12 months and the technology market is peaking.

With the market flooded with opportunities, candidates' phones are ringing off the hook – even for roles they aren’t particularly suited to. And because they don’t want to lose out on a single opportunity, they’re more likely to tell you what you want to hear, rather than admitting that your job isn’t their first choice. 

So, while you might think they’re 100% committed, in reality, they have another role (or five) on the backburner – and could back out at any time. 

So, how can you protect yourself from losing out to competitors right now?
Ask tough questions and probe for answers

To discover if your candidate is a back-out risk, you need to dig into their reason for applying to your job in the first place. The more you dig into a candidate’s motivation, the better chance you have of finding out how keen they really are on the role. 

Ask your candidate why they applied, what other jobs they’re applying to or interviewing for and what is their preferred opportunity and why.  You need to do this throughout the entire process (not just at the start), so you can detect if they have another job opportunity as early as possible. 

Consistently following up with your candidate keeps them accountable throughout the process. If you’re asking them whether they have other opportunities on the table on every call, it makes it difficult for them to spring a surprise offer on you at the last minute.
Keep selling your role

Candidates might be telling you they’re 100% committed to your job but in reality, they have some doubts. 
Make time to keep selling your job to the candidate throughout the process. Remind them how it fits what they’re looking for, so you’re constantly reassuring them that the job is the right fit for them. 

Focus on factors that are important to your candidate.
Move quickly!

You know the saying - time kills deals! Don’t give your candidate time to shop around for other options. Push the process forward as fast as possible so you can lock down great candidates quickly. 

A fast process not only means that you can place a candidate before they get a chance to apply to any competitors, but it also flatters candidates, making them more likely to accept your job! Make sure you have a strong candidate sourcing strategy in place.
Put your best offer forward

You may need to stretch your budget to get the top talent in the market. There has never been a worse time to “low-ball” when offering and try to knock your candidates down at the last hurdle.

If you believe they’re right for your team, put your best offer forward. If you can’t stretch to what your competitors are offering, then make sure to sell your candidate on all your company has to offer and the future prospects for them within your team.
The good news

There are still candidates that aren’t purely money motivated, so don’t forget to touch on all the 1%ers. Follow up, respect their time and don’t cut corners when selling them the role.

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