Building a strong team that will take your company to the next level can be daunting. 

Many companies are growing aggressively and offering numerous perks and highly attractive salary packages making the market higly competitive. 

How can you tell if partnering with a specialised recruitment agency is right for you?
Finding the right recruitment partner will give you additional resources and support to reach your hiring goals. We’ve put together some tell-tale signs that your company needs to outsource specialised support.
1.  Your company is in a very unique position within the market
There can be many reasons that will see you on the outside of your industry in terms of what is “typical”. You might be a smaller company that’s landed significant funding, and you need to add a robust workforce to hit difficult expectations quickly. Or, you may be looking for an all-rounder,  specifically if you’re building a new product and it’s not at the point where you can add specialised talent.
Conversely, you might need assistance because your company is well established and requires the crème de la crème of candidates, the type that significant networking and experience can find. 
On the other hand, your brand could be almost non-existent or damaged, so you need a specialist who can find the diamonds in the rough and create an engaging pitch to grab candidates attention.
If you feel like an outsider, or are struggling to get candidates over the line and committed, then using a specialised recruitment agency will add significant value.
2.  You are looking for a very specific set of skills
If you’re not looking for your average candidate, you will benefit from soliciting help. It could be because you use a unique set of technology or tools to achieve your goals, or because you’re launching a new product and require talent to implement new technology or processes
Using a specialised agency with the skills, experience and tools required to identify the candidates to accomplish your goals will save you time, money and a whole lot of headaches.
3. You know what you want, but not what the market is offering
More often than not, hiring managers and HR teams don’t have a firm grip on the current job market. With the market consistently changing and evolving, a week out of hiring can have a massive impact.
Partnering with a firm who can provide advice on salaries, candidate mapping, skills sets and competitors will bolster your market position from the get go. It takes many years of experience, and a full team committed to the process to nail the brief, pitch and interview process. If you don’t have it down pat, you’ll lose out on the best talent.
4.  You are filling multiple positions of the same role
If your scaling fast and have an urgent need to find candidates with similar skills in a candidate short market, you’ll need extra hands on deck.
Instead of hiring an additional member internally, you can outsource for a specific requirement, and work with agencies on an ad-hoc basis. This allows less commitment from you, should the market change whilst gaining you all of the experience and skills of hiring your own specialised recruiter.
5.  Your internal team doesn’t have the experience or time to identify “passive candidates”
Passive candidates, from our experience, can be tough and time consuming to find. By partnering with a specialised agency with an in-depth network of candidates, both passive and active, will open up a whole new world of talent for your business.
Relying on AI or list-generation recruitment is a thing of the past. In this market, to find the best talent you have to put in the hours and leg work.
6. You need help to build out a remote work-force
Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the way that most of us operate as a business.  Hiring for a position without an office, or without a direct report or team who a candidate can work with side-by-side brings up a unique set of challenges.
From structuring and executing your entirely virtual interview process, to setting expectations and being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the market, a specialised agency will help you transverse the waters and manage a successful process for the right candidates.

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