You’ll often hear us talk about how proud we are of the team culture we share at CircuIT. A huge part of fostering this is showing recognition and appreciation for the hard work everyone delivers, day in and day out.

Last month, as part of our annual tradition, we took the CircuIT team on a trip to reward everyone for the outstanding work and effort they’d put in.

In past years, we’ve been lucky to spend quality time together outside of work in some beautiful places –Sydney in an interesting mode of transport was a highlight. And while we usually try and make these trips unique, whether by location or way of travel, this time we wanted to do something extra special.
Given the incredible work the team had put in for their respective roles and verticals, we really wanted to thank the team, and make sure that this reward reflects their efforts.  So, we headed off out of wintry Melbourne, and out of Australia. We wanted to remind ourselves what the sun on our skin feels like again – in balmy Bali!
With five days to relax and enjoy each other’s company outside of work, we jetted off in high spirits. Not letting the jetlag get the better of us on our first night, we headed out to enjoy a beautiful dinner at Sangsaka, a modern Indonesian restaurant and bar owned by a fellow Aussie – and a Melbourne friend of ours.
We stayed in a beautiful set of villas that were all connected, giving us the privacy and space to wind down and recharge our social batteries when needed. Each villa was equipped with a stunning private pool and lounge area, perfect for a large and diverse group of personalities.
Our days were spent lounging by the pool, exploring the food scene, and enjoying all Bali had to offer. Our nights were spent letting our hair down and enjoying each other’s company, really solidifying our bond as a team. A certain member of the squad quickly learnt which side of the pool not to jump in (picture a very big jump, and very shallow water).
Don’t underestimate the importance of celebrating and working on team culture.
Although we’re proud of the culture we’ve curated within Circuit, we know company culture is something that constantly needs nurturing and development, especially as we grow and change. These trips are a chance for us to celebrate how far we’ve come as a team, but also to keep cultivating that special team culture we’ve been lucky enough to establish so far.
And let me tell you, nothing will showcase your team’s ability to work together more than having to scramble a last-minute Irish Visa together to make sure no one was left behind.
Investing in your team will always pay off

A team trip to Bali may not be in every business’ budget. But for us, being able to take the team away for longer than a few days, to a beautiful country with the sole intention of holidaying, meant that everyone was able to relax from the outset and be themselves.

Jetting off to foreign ground brings that little bit of magic with it. It ignites the kind of excitement and anticipation that makes you step out of your comfort zone, welcome new perspectives, and challenge yourself – even if that means leaving the business phone turned off all week and lazing by the pool with a cocktail in hand doing absolutely nothing.
We’re all grateful for the time we got to spend together in such a beautiful place, and already can’t wait to start planning the next Circuit team trip! Sampai Lain waktu – until next time…

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