Before cloud, containers and Kubernetes existed, Java stacks were traditionally engineered for monolithic applications...
This approach made it difficult for users to be agile and consumed a lot of time and effort as a result of long start-up times and large memory requirements. In order to keep up with the needs of the ever-changing tech world, Java frameworks had to evolve.

This is where Quarkus comes in…
What is Quarkus?
Quarkus is a Kubernetes-native Java framework, tailored for GraalVM (A JVM & JDK based on HotSpot / OpenJDK) and HotSpot (JVM for desktop and server computers), and crafted from best-of-breed Java libraries and standards.

The open source framework was launched by Red Hat in 2019, allowing Java developers to create applications for a modern, cloud-native world. Developers are able to choose the Java framework they would like to use when Quarkus applications are running on the JVM.
Why should we use Quarkus?

Quarkus is considered by some to potentially be the future of Java. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using the framework:

  • Improved start-up times
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Improved execution costs
  • Increased developer productivity
The long-term objective is to make Java the #1 platform in Kubernetes and serverless environments, while offering developers a framework that will also address a wider range of distributed application architectures.
Beyond these performance objectives, the framework serves a wider purpose of making the lives of developers easier by simply offering them a unified configuration and the return of live reload.
To summarise, Quarkus is a full-stack, Kubernetes-native Java framework made for JVMs and native compilation. The optimisation of Java specifically for containers has enabled it to become an effective platform for serverless cloud (Faas), and Kubernetes environments.
This new framework achieves higher workload density, thereby reducing total resource costs, hardware, cloud computing, and memory, making Java comparable to other programming languages natively compiled.

This will, in turn, provide us with greater development experience - thanks to its fast start-up time, the live reloadand many other features!

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