Putting pen to paper to curate the perfect resume can be a daunting and challenging task. 
There are hundreds of “tips and tricks” available at the touch of your fingertips, so how do you sieve through the masses and avoid making the most common mistakes? Here’s our advice…
Show your personality!
As difficult as it may sound, the best resumes will demonstrate your personality without sacrificing professionalism. Showing your personality is as simple as demonstrating your own personal brand. Providing a single brand statement at the top of your resume may be a good strategy to consider if it's strong enough. Otherwise, simply incorporating some of your voice into your writing throughout the resume can be just as impactful.
Demonstrating your Personal Brand
It’s important to give hiring managers a solid idea of your brand from the very moment your name crosses their path. A clear vision of your personal brand will make you stand out amongst the crowd. Older resumes are typically generic and lack any type of branding throughout the content. Just as with LinkedIn – your “summary” is paramount to conveying your personal brand. This can be as simple as explaining your expertise and listing concrete examples of accomplishments.
Make it read-worthy
Take the time to proofread your resume thoroughly for typographical errors or inconsistencies. Don't rely on spell check offered by your software program, since it doesn't always catch everything. We suggest using a free sight like Grammarly! 
You want the reader to easily flow from one section to the next. Once you've taken care of the details have a trusted friend or professional take a look at it. Having another set of expert eyes look will tie up any loose ends.
Listing the unnecessaries
Time and time again we read through resumes with full addresses, marital status, political views and even height and weight. Keep it simple in these terms and think, does your future employer need to know if you are single or married? Is it beneficial to list your political ties? Why would they care how tall you are? 
Keep it simple and professional. We suggest listing your name, phone number, email, a link to your LinkedIn profile / portfolio and leaving out the rest. Anything more in this regard just clutters up your resume and is essentially useless to a hiring manager.
Check your formatting
It may be tempting to bullet point every achievement, skill, and accomplishment you've earned in your lifetime, but in reality, it's not the most effective route to take. Having more than five bullet points may indicate you're trying too hard to appear qualified for the job or simply too lazy to elaborate. It's best to narrow down your most relevant attributes to the job you're applying for and only include those.
You want to try and keep your resume to no more than two pages, but you also shouldn’t stuff as much text as possible into those two pages. The best executive resume format will leave a good amount of white space around the perimeter of the document and between each section of the resume. This makes the entire document look cleaner and it’s much easier for the hiring manager to read.
When it comes to writing an effective resume, there aren't any secrets to get the perfect resume that will get you hired. Remember to portray yourself, keep it honest and make sure your resume doesn't go out of style. Having a modern resume that is clear and concise is a great first step.

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