We’ve all had that feeling. After hours searching for potential job opportunities, you finally find a role that looks like a perfect fit. Everything you've been looking for in your next career move and you can hardly wait to fire off your application and progress through the interview stages…
Rejection in some way or another is inevitable in life. So how can you ensure you put your best foot forward as a Job Seeker? Here are our six rules of thumb to help you stay ahead of the pack!
Make sure your qualifications match up
If the advertisement lists specific qualifications, make sure you’re hitting more than you’re missing. These requirements are usually in place for good reason. Consider spending time matching your qualifications and skills with those required for the position. If there isn’t a close fit, it might be best to refrain from applying.

Look good on paper
You may have the exact qualifications for a position, but if you can’t present them to your potential employer, it’s unlikely you’ll be hired. Aside from grammatical errors on your cover letter and resume, it’s also important to look at formatting, relevancy, and whether you’ve gone above and beyond to stand out. If your resume and cover letter are generic and vague, don’t expect to be hired. Put the time and energy into creating a customised cover letter and resume for every position you apply for, and make sure you spend time showcasing why you’d make a better fit above other candidates.

Brush up on your interviewing skills 
Be enthusiastic, positive, and showcase a personable depth to your professional personality. Too many job seekers get hung up on knocking out the technical questions and miss the chance to build a connection with their interviewer. Always remember to come to an interview well-researched, practiced, and eager to showcase why you’d be an outstanding addition to the team.

Dress for the occasion 
From your resume to your face-to-face interview, presentation matters in every part of the hiring process. Attitude and body language fall into the category of presentation. Many job seekers let their search for employment get to them — they come off as negative, unenthusiastic, or uncomfortably confident. Focus on presenting yourself in a way that encompasses your unique personality traits, as well as highlights your overall togetherness.

Find the right culture fit 
Fitting into a company’s culture is a must. You may have more than enough talent to get the job done, but without the proper chemistry, it’s unlikely you’re a match. Companies seek out individuals who share the same values as they do. During your job search, it’s crucial to understand the culture of each company you are applying at. This will help you figure out whether you’d fit in, and it will also help you tailor your resume and properly prepare for an interview.

Showcase your competitive advantage
Go out of your way to present yourself as the best candidate for the position. It’s easy to get caught up in fitting the mould and completely miss out on an opportunity to inform the hiring manager of why you’re the best option. This should start in your cover letter and carry into your interview. Think, while you may be able to get the job done, how can you do it better than anyone else?

It’s important to learn from every aspect of your job search. While there are many reasons you could have slipped up in the past, it’s also important to remember there are a lot of factors at play when it comes to hiring a new employee and to keep going for gold.

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