To give your business the best opportunity to succeed you’ll need the top performing talent in your industry. Top talent attracts top talent, a simple strategy than can help drive the success of your company.

So, how can you ensure that you hire and retain top-performing candidates when these valuable resources can be limited, and competition is at all all-time high? We’ve put together some simple steps that will help you along the way.

Focus on skills over experience

Experience is undoubtedly a huge bonus when hiring great employees. 
People who have been in the game for some time will be able to handle most business processes and operations in their sleep, however, they could also have fulfilled most of their career aspirations, so, they may now lack the motivation to accomplish more milestones. 

That’s why this should not be your only measure for excellence. 

There is a huge amount of fresh-faced undiscovered genius out there with not many years of experience under their belt or lots of companies gracing their resumes, however, this can show that they are eager to learn, passionate and motivated to work with you and realize your company’s goals. 

A fantastic way to engage these candidates is by offering technical tests or giving them real-life tasks and watching how they handle the situation. 

Use technology to your advantage

Thanks to advancements in technology, the hiring process is becoming more streamlined by the day. There are hiring algorithms and online tests available that filter and screen applicants according to predetermined traits. 
Leveraging technology to acquire top talent is a sign that an organization is ready to step into the future and actively compete in the “war for talent”.

Leverage social platforms and top recruitment agencies to excel your brand.

Be a "top performing" company

It might sound simple, but the best candidates often desire to work in top performing organisations because of the opportunities to grow, work with the latest technologies, surround themselves with go-getters and produce premium products. 

Hiring great talent is never easy, especially during the stage of the recruitment process where you have to identify them out of the sea of candidates that apply. A quick rule of thumb is to ensure you hire from other top performing companies.

Draw them in with captivating offers 

Hiring top talent and retaining them takes a lot more than identifying and recruiting them. This includes tangible rewards like the substance of work, the experience of working with you and the way management helps and develops its candidates. 

If what you offer your talent is much better than what other companies in the same industry do, then you will be able to effortlessly attract and retain them, sometimes these candidates will seek you out and come to you! 
Be flexible where required and always put your best (and honest) foot forward.

Be transparent  

Remember, it’s 2020 and there’s nothing that can’t be verified at the click of a button. Ensure that the promises you make to prospective hires are genuine and verifiable by current employees. 

Social media is a prevailing tool where candidates can scrutinise your company culture, leadership styles, benefits, packages and any other information about working conditions they’re looking for. 

If you are going to use attractive packages to get top performing talent to work for you, ensure that it does not come back to bite you! This may lead to your employee looking for other companies who are more honest about their policies, who may be a better fit for them. They’ll end up jumping ship and leave you right back where you started. 


The right talent can be one of the strongest driving forces of your organisation and greatly improves your companies impact, so the process of hiring them should be treated with care and seriousness.

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