Adapt. Reinvent. Thrive.

Use this time to sharpen up the CV, learn new skills, and become more familiar with the new standards of communication like video conferencing, and online messaging, and honing your time management abilities.

If you’re an affected business, our resources provide up to date guidance on employee retention and restructuring, to keep your brand strong and fully functioning. 



Equipping you for today's climate

Capitalize on current events and be prepared for your next move, with access to the following services:

Resume Review - $50

As seasoned recruiters, we can quickly pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to help your best skills and experiences stand out.

Resume Edit - $100

Compelling, clear, sells itself. We’ll reinvent your experience and skills based on our insider knowledge of what helps a prospect leap out to our extensive pool of clients.

LinkedIn Profile Review - $75

90% of recruiters scour LinkedIn for talent, which features over 20 million jobs. We’ll create a profile that boosts your visibility, getting you closer to roles you’ll love.

Video Cover Letter - $50

Talking into a camera to recruiters doesn’t feel like the most natural experience. We’re not promising to make you a Hollywood hit, we’ll settle for landing some killer jobs.

Skill audit - $75

Redundancies don’t have to signal the end of a job, but the start of a new one. Now’s the time to get new skills under your belt. We’ll explore the new opportunities available to you.

Job Advice - $50

Your job duties won’t have changed much, but how you interact has. Switching to remote work needn’t be stressful, especially with our guide on how to adapt to a new world of remote work.

Interview Preparation - $50

Our simulations of interviews are based on real-life and will prepare you for questions to expect and familiarise you with the new universal interview style - the video call.

Writing Skills Refresher - $150

With the bulk of interactions taking place online, being able to articulate messages is a key skill. Polish up your virtual penmanship skills to shine in your next role.

Ready to take action?

We appreciate that everyone's financial situation and job-seeking circumstances are different, so should you wish to further discuss the service offerings above, including pricing, please email Anastasija (, and she can discuss a bespoke bundled package, or more cost effective options, tailored upon your situation.

Growing Together

Reciprocity has been at the core of our ethos since our inception. Our network of clients and talent complement each other and exchange services and opportunities that benefit everyone - that’s why our guiding principle has always focused on ‘Growing together’. Never has our company tagline spoken truer than right now. At a time when every business is feeling the strain, we need to continue doing what we do best - supporting each other in our digital community, so we can thrive and continue to grow in spite of COVID-19. We can come out the other end of this bigger, better, and stronger, backed by our strong network of clients and talent.

Let’s keep growing together.

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